Mobile apps for trade shows

Reach out to your visitors with mobile campaigns

Easily create an event app for your conference, tradeshow, corporate or leisure event. Create interaction between attendees with the “Meet Me” feature and enable real-time voting and Q&A. Generate leads for exhibitors and sponsors and use push notifications for promotions and last-minute messages.

Mobile Apps & Campaigns

For trade shows, conferences and corporate events

Publish a professional mobile guide for your event visitors. The app senses user interests, provides personalised recommendations and creates valuable leads for exhibitors. Attendees can easily connect with each other and interact in real-time with speakers.

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Some of our flagship event cases


Horeca Expo
Art Brussels
KPN Wholesale Event

Offer lead capturing to exhibitors

Get to know your audience

The “Personal Conference Bag” allows visitors to opt-in, indicate their interest in products, capture brochures, bookmark contacts and tag content throughout the event.

This unique service provides relevant content to your attendees and turns your mobile event app into a powerful lead generator for exhibitors and sponsors.

Maximum visibility for sponsors & exhibitors

Monetize your app

Your event app isn't just a great tool for your visitors. It allows you to sell extra services to sponsors and exhibitors.

Turn your app into a new revenue stream by selling banner ads, premium listings and sponsored push notifications.

Premium Listings

Exhibitors are listed on top of the exhibitor list for maximum exposure.

Integrated Ads

Easily integrate banners in your app to promote sponsors.

Push Notifications

Send targeted messages to attendees, based on their profile and interests, to promote exhibitors, speaker sessions and upcoming events.

Networking for attendees

Create valuable connections

Promote networking among visitors with an interactive attendee list, and easily integrate Linkedin.

Real-time interactions

Voting, speaker rating, surveys

Allow attendees to interact during a speaker session, with real-time voting and moderated Q&A functionality on their smartphone or tablet. Use surveys and speaker ratings to get valuable feedback.

Benefit from viral campaigns on social media

Promote your event on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter


The “Photo Sharing” module in the BIS app allows users to join a contest, take pictures and share on Twitter and Facebook, resulting in a highly successful viral campaign.

Take control over your app

Manage and monitor your app with ease!

App Creator
Build, publish and maintain your app

Building a professional looking mobile app for your trade show or conference has never been easier. Read on to find out how you can start building your app today. No technical skills required!

Statistics & real-time user behaviour

TapCrowd Insights allows you to keep track of how your audience is using your app. This also allows you to watch and analyse real-time user behaviour. Want to feel the power? Read on!

Mobile Marketing
Send push notifications, engage users

TapCrowd's integrated mobile marketing platform allows you to bring visitors and exhibitors together. Based on user interests the Mobile Marketing platform allows you to act on user behaviour. Read on to learn more!

The App Creator

Create a professional mobile app in minutes!

Create a mobile guide for your event!

The TapCrowd app building platform allows event organisers to easily create a professional mobile app for their event. The platform offers all necessary functionality to offer the best mobile event app available today to your visitors. Updating content or changing the look and feel of your app is easy as pie. Updates are live instantly!

Make it yours.

Integrated in the TapCrowd platform are over 30 app design templates which turn your app into a fresh creation. This also features an advanced which allows creative geniuses to tweak every pixel in the app. You can upload your own logo's, backgrounds to fully align the app with your event or corporate branding.

Powerful Insights

Keep track of your audience

TapCrowd Insights offers a complete real-time dashboard. It allows you to keep track of your audience and see how they engage with the mobile app, exhibitors and other visitors. Viewing download statistics and statistics on active app users also belongs to the possibilities.

Connect exhibitors and visitors.

Watch real-time interactions.

See how real-time interactions are made between visitors and exhibitors. Coloured markers indicate the interactivity and interest level in a topic, session or exhibitor per attendee. This crucial information is the basis to trigger campaigns and steer the audience to certain exhibitor booths.

Visually build mobile campaigns

Disruptive event marketing

TapCrowd’s visual campaign builder allows you to create a communication plan in no-time. Blocks represent a certain aspect or factor of your communication plan e.g. the job of the people you want to target, the sessions they are attending, the booth they are close to etc.

Personalised context-aware communication

Example: targeted invitation for a sponsored session

Visually build a one-to-one communication plan, taking into account your attendee’s location, their interests and their real-time context.


Define locations that trigger an interaction, such as shop locations and digital signage screens. Locations are detected on the smartphone of your audience based on GPS, TapConnect wifi beacons and interactive QR codes.


Configure schedules to target users during certain time intervals, e.g. during opening hours.


Take into account the profile and interests of your audience, create segments and push personalised recommendations. User profiles are automatically created based on the user’s activity in the app.


Link user context to your communication plan, in order to communicate at the right moment with each user. The user context includes the current activity of each person, e.g. whether they are at home, driving or shopping.


Send a push notification with personalised offerings. The message will be delivered only to relevant users, based on their profile, context and location.

Features of your future event app

General Info

List important information regarding your event. From opening hours & event location to ticketing information.

Exhibitor Catalog

The exhibitor catalog is a list which offers detailed information on each exhibitor.

Sessions & Speakers

A list with sessions and detailed speaker information which can be divided into tracks and rooms.


Allow attendees to easily network which their peers. Efficient networking has finally arrived!

Personal Agenda

Your audience will love creating their own schedule filled with the sessions they want to attend.

Push Notifications

Send last-minute event information to all users of the app. Enable your partners to send sponsored messages.


Keep your audience up-to-date with the latest event news.

Interactive Floorplan

Easily guide visitors the way with a multi-level interactive floorplan including indoor navigation.


List of your event partners with detailed information.

Conference Bag

Visitors can tag content they would like to take with them e.g. product brochures from a certain exhibitor.

Social Media

An integrated Twitter and Facebook feed with the possibility to send tweets from within the app with the official event hashtag.

Live Q&A & Polls

Voting for attendees with live displaying of results, and asking questions to speakers (with moderation)

Session & Speaker Rating

Request ratings from attendees after sessions and speaking slots.

Ad Banners

Integrated ad banners offer extra visibility for your sponsors.


Attendees can send messages to each other to improve networking.

... and many more features!
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