Turn your app into a one-to-one marketing tool

Create, manage and launch mobile campaigns

TapTarget is easily integrated into your existing mobile app, and turns it into a powerful one-to-one location-based marketing tool. Make your app smart with TapTarget. Your app will learn the interests of your users, monitor their location and capture their context. Based on your rules, each user will receive personalized messages.

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Keep app users engaged with mobile campaigns

Location targeting with geofences & beacons

Trigger an action when a user enters or leaves a given indoor or outdoor location, e.g. the location of a shop or business.

User profiling

TapTarget will automatically build user profiles in your app. For example you can capture user interests based on which information is viewed in your app. User profiles can be used to create segments, and to personalize messages that users receive.

Context Sensing

TapTarget makes your app context-aware. Based on the speed, location and activity of a user, the user’s current context and activity is determined. Your mobile campaigns can take the context into account to send the right message at the right place and time.

Push notifications

Link geofences to your app to trigger an action when a user enters or leave a given location, e.g. the location of a shop or business.

Powerful campaign builder

TapTarget comes with a powerful visual campaign builder to set up the logic of your mobile communications. The campaign builder combines your geofences, schedules, user interests, context and actions to perform relevant one-to-one communication to each of your users. Messages can even be personalised based on the user profile.

Easily integrated into existing apps

Our SDK makes it easy for developers to integrate with existing apps

TapTarget can be easily integrated into any mobile app. The TapTarget SDK is available for HTML5 apps, iOS apps and Android apps.

Are you a developer? Want to know more on how to integrate the TapTarget SDK into your app? Check out our documentation!

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How we engage customers in these vertical markets

How mobile campaigns affect your market

For retail

Increase foot traffic to stores with near-store marketing, and boost customer engagement in stores. Use TapTarget to create geofences around your shops and push relevant offers and special promotions during opening hours. Offers can be personalized based on user interests captured inside your retail app.

For events

Send relevant messages to event attendees before, during and after the event. Announce last minute changes, invite event visitors for keynotes, and generate leads for exhibitors through location-based messaging. Capture attendee interests in your event app, and use this for personalised communication and recommendations.

For automotive

Turn your car dealer apps and brand apps into a foot traffic generator to your showrooms. Invite prospects for a test drive, keep customers engaged and create unique mobile interaction in your showroom in order to retarget showroom visitors.

How does it work?

TapTarget is a unique mobile marketing platform that turns your mobile app into a powerful one-to-one communication channel. TapTarget combines state-of-the-art technology such as geofences, user profiling, context sensing and push notifications to reach an unprecedented level of relevance for your audience. The TapTarget campaign builder ties together all components of your mobile campaign in a visual manner.

Personalised context-aware communication

Example: near-store and in-store mobile marketing for retail


Define locations that trigger an interaction, such as shop locations and digital signage screens. Locations are detected on the smartphone of your audience based on GPS, TapConnect wifi beacons and interactive QR codes.


Configure schedules to target users during certain time intervals, e.g. during opening hours.


Take into account the profile and interests of your audience, create segments and push personalised recommendations. User profiles are automatically created based on the user’s activity in the app.


Link user context to your communication plan, in order to communicate at the right moment with each user. The user context includes the current activity of each person, e.g. whether they are at home, driving or shopping.


Send a push notification with personalised offerings. The message will be delivered only to relevant users, based on their profile, context and location.

Deploy an omni-channel communication & marketing strategy

TapTarget seamlessly integrates with leading partner platforms

TapTarget integrates with partner solutions, allowing you to combine all your communication channels on mobile to reach the always-connected consumer. TapTarget integrates with the Vocalcom contact center platform, enabling deep contact center integration in your apps and bringing detailed user profiling insights to your call center agents. TapTarget integrates with Marketo allowing you to push mobile leads to Marketo, build unified profiles and extend your marketing automation with push notifications.