The Case

Over 400 city leaders and delegates from across Europe attended the EUROCITIES 2013 conference in Ghent. The topic of the conference was “Smart Citizens”. The mobile conference app, produced by TapCrowd and managed by event organizer TMAB, was a central tool for all delegates to stay informed, view their personal programme, network among attendees, request brochures and local products, find the various venues across the city and much more.

The Figures

296 attendees
420 app downloads
120 web app users
10.560 app sessions
43.360 app actions
34 actions per user (average)
756 QR codes scanned
1.020 items bookmarked as “Favorite”
166 personal MeetMe messages sent

Check out the Eurocities case here.

Most popular content

  • Attendee list
  • Session list
  • News
  • Personal favorites (bookmarks)
  • Practical event info
  • Places (event venues in Ghent)
  • Exhibitors

Registration platform integration

The app was integrated with the TMAB registration platform using TapCrowd’s API, to automatically push attendees, login details and personal schedules to the app.

App promotion

The app was promoted in the registration emails, on-site and during the opening presentation with a short live demo.

Picture booth

Pictures of attendees were taken at the welcome desk. All pictures were uploaded and displayed in the app to promote social networking.

Communication script

A communication script was executed which included sending out 9 push notifications to attendees. Attendees also received an email after the event with a list of their bookmarks.

Helpdesk for conference app

A conference app help desk was in place to help people that forgot their password, and to lend an iPad in case they did not have a smartphone or tablet of their own. The iPads were pre-configured with the app installed, in “lock” mode.

QR code scanner for gift bag

Attendees scanned QR codes using the app, to receive a gift bag with local products. Each personal gift bag was filled according to the items scanned by the attendee. The TapCrowd platform was used to easily download reports with items scanned per attendee.

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