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The Case

TapCrowd provided a comprehensive iPad app for a high-stake international life science conference in Berlin, in November 2014. The conference brought together 300+ delegates in a highly interactive setting, where the event app played a strategic role.

The Figures

86% app rating by delegates
72% response rate on session evaluations in app
90% active usage of app throughout the conference
40+ real-time questions for speakers via app
1.500 personalised inbox messages delivered to delegates
5 minutes maximum time for organisers to receive evaluations at end of session

Flawless iPad distribution to delegates

Delegates received an iPad on arrival, and they were returned at the end of the conference. The app was pre-installed on each iPad, and since the iPads were locked to be used for one app only, the delegates always had direct access to the conference app when opening their personal iPad.

Professional on-site assistance by TapCrowd engineers

TapCrowd provided onsite assistance throughout the conference, both towards the organisers and the delegates. TapCrowd assisted the organisers in sending out relevant personalised push notifications during the event. TapCrowd’s onsite team also assisted in last-minute content updates inside the app.

Live Q&A during speaker sessions and debates

Delegates could ask questions from within the app, during each speaker session and during the debate sessions. All questions were delivered to a scientific moderation team, and selected questions were forwarded to the moderator on stage. The moderator had a personal iPad and could easily read and ask the questions as they came in. This live Q&A concept safes a considerable amount of time compared to asking questions vocally, and at the same time it allows for a careful selection of the most relevant questions. Other questions were kept for the closing debate sessions or were answered via a personal message in the app.

“Your journey”: personal information for each delegate

Each delegate received personal information in the app, ranging from workshop registrations to room changes and departure information with pickup times and flight details. The Inbox in the app also allowed delegated to ask general and logistics questions to the conference organisers.

Slide sharing and easy note taking for delegates

Speaker slides were accessible during each presentation, inside the app. Delegates used the Notes functionality in the app intensively, to take notes linked to a slide, a speaker, a session or any other topic. Personal notes were delivered by email to each delegate at the end of the conference.

Beautiful app design

The app was beautifully designed according to the corporate style guide of the organiser. While the app leverages the existing modules and functionality of TapCrowd, each app is unique and seamlessly blends in with the event theme and style.

High-quality in-app content with approval flows

The conference app was packed with useful information for delegates, ranging from the overall program to speaker bio’s and upcoming events information. All content followed an official approval flow. Approved content was tagged in the app with the relevant compliance codes. Content updates were instantly delivered to all iPads, for example last-minute changes in room allocation for workshops.

On-site server infrastructure for 100% reliability

TapCrowd provides both a cloud-based solution and an on-site server solution for its conference apps. For this high-stake conference, an on-site server infrastructure was deployed to provide 100% reliability, and to remove any dependency on internet connections.

Instant feedback and NPS scores on conference sessions

Delegates rated each speaker directly at the end of each session, and they also completed a final evaluation of the overall event. Results were captured in real-time and made available as instant download to the organisers in Excel. This allowed the organisers to calculate an NPS score and report immediately about the quality of the event. The delegates were also asked to rate the iPad app and content, which received an overall rating of 86% !

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