Let’s Talk

de Persgroep

The Case

Persgroep invited over 1000 media players to its annual Let's Talk event. A comprehensive mobile app was available for all attendees. The app provided live interaction features, the agenda of the event, and social networking for attendees.


The “speed networking” feature allowed delegates to scan each other’s badge. The goal was for each delegate to find their personal matches. The app created a highly interactive setting, helping delegates to “break the ice” and meet interesting people. When 5 matches were found, a small gift was awarded.


The “match making” feature matched user profiles based on their company, role and personal interests to other people at the event. This allowed delegates to get the most out of the event, meet new people and increase their network.


The app was promoted before the event (on the registration webpage and in emails) and at the event with large banners.


The app contained a delegate list, allowing delegates to send each other short messages via the app. The messaging feature protects the privacy of each user and does not reveal email addresses or phone numbers. Instead the app is used to deliver messages to other attendees (using push notifications) in combination with fixed meeting points at the event to easily meet up.

The App Features

  • Multi-lingual app
  • App works offline and online
  • Practical event info
  • Event programme
  • Social media integration
  • Personal messages
  • Push notifications
  • Attendee list
  • Live photo album
  • Virtual conference bag
  • Live voting and Q&A
  • Easily manage the app
  • Comprehensive reports

The platform

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